Process analysis and re-organisation

We don´t waste any energy to find hurdles, we implement solutions!

We don´t complain, we act!

CAL Service offer their expertise in analysis and re-organisation of Lean Management and Lean Production projects. We have extensive experience in analysing processes (from the development, series production, sale, right up to the finish of a product cycle) and to work out new plans in cooperation with your employees and implement these.

We offer sustainable support.

Our focus:

  • » Process analysis / Development of new processes
  • » Re-organisation / Restructuring
  • » Lean Management / Lean Production
  • » Interim Management/Change Management
  • » Recruitment / Personnel selection
  • » Development support/ Product Management
  • » Quality Management  ISO 13 485, 9001, 14 001
  • » MDR product approval support
  • » Continuous improvement / Creation of adaptive and flexible teams
  • » Supply Chain set-up / Materialisation solutions

We determine, plan and implement quality management systems. We don´t create a pile of paper, we implement stable and effective processes (ISO 9001, 14001, 13485 and MDR support). Quality management systems are the basis of functioning, high-quality and effective processes. Quality is not a compromise; quality is an attitude.

Your added value lies in the simple structuring of new processes and the integration of your employees and responsible people. Key figure-controlled management, in a simple, understandable representation, as well as the integration of all affected process chains are the basis of our successfully implemented optimisation projects.

CAL Service offer solid, understandable, and long-term support in re-organisation with the introduction of dynamic processes, so that your team reacts adaptively to changes, therefore continuous improvement is guaranteed.

CAL Service support with system and / or supplier audits.  QM systems have been implemented by CAL Service several times with successful certifications.

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Contract manufacturing / assembly

Assembly and logistics

We develop solutions to efficiently deal with challenges. We don´t complain…we act!

CAL Service offers you the complete package, starting with materialisation (set up SCM) of products, assembly and installation right up to the commission of mechanical and electronic components in short Contract Manufacturing.

We have long-standing experience in effective production, commission and testing of mechatronic components. Therefore, we can cover all different applications for our customers, ranging from all aspects of purchasing, warehousing and stock control up until the assembly of products and devices.

A high awareness of economics, flexibility, cooperation, and support in every area of the value chain distinguishes us.

Our focus:

  • » Assembly / Product processing
  • » Commission / Testing
  • » Purchasing / Materialisation (set up SCM)
  • » Rework / Modification
  • » Repair / Warranties
  • » Back-up / Second source
  • » High volume cover/ Availability of resources
  • » Training / Setting up devices

CAL Service specialise in quality device and assembly manufacturing (contract production). Our work is based on more than 20 years of experience in the areas of medical and equipment engineering. The implementation of manufacturing projects, also in an international environment, with CAL Service as a local partner, is our mission.

We closely work with reliable partners who have proven themselves. Our experience and our extensive network will be used to your advantage.

We work on solutions to efficiently deal with challenges!

Start Up

Development of products and organisation

We concentrate on dealing with challenges, not on the number of hurdles. We don´t complain…we act!

CAL Service support companies from set-up until they are ready to enter the market.

We have accompanied several new Start-ups, from the product idea to a successful implementation up to the market establishment.

Using the right competences at the right places, under consideration of the available resources (time, money..) is the recipe for success.

Start-ups have special requirements when it comes to flexibility and available capacities. They need quick access to supplier networks. Start-ups with innovative ideas often require input from experienced people in order to meet the challenges in product implementation.

Unser Fokus:

  • » Product realisation/implementation of product ideas
  • » Identify company structure/competencies
  • » Funding/network building
  • » Contribution of experiences/resources
  • » Organisational structure/design processes

CAL Service offer support to new companies in the realisation of product and company processes.

About me

Company founder

Johannes Leitinger / CEO CAL Service e.U.

After completing his education at the Braunau Technical School as a communications technician, Johannes began his career in the field of manufacturing and commissioning mechatronic components. Successfully implemented manufacturing projects and a high level of commitment quickly lead to leadership positions in various companies (automation, measurement and medical technology).

In all areas, the focus is always on the optimisation of communication and processes in order to be able to supply customers with higher quality, more flexibility and more efficiency.

He was always faced with the same professional challenge for over 30 years:

Most people only see the problems and hurdles and spend a lot of time discussing why something “does not work”. Very few are solution oriented.

This costs time and money, which is why he has set himself the task of leading and organising or planning in a solution-oriented and constructive manner. Get out of the spiral of problems – towards problem solutions “

Don’t complain… just act!

Johannes sees the world in a different way, hence his guiding principle: Don’t complain…. act!

To be able to make his knowledge available to several companies, turning even more people into makers and his efforts to build his own company set the foundation of CAL Service. CAL stands for Consulting Assembling Leitinger.

  • » 2020 founder of CAL Service
  • » 1990 – 2020 Production Manager, Quality Manager, Plant Manager, Authorized Officer, General Manager
  • » 2006 Lean Management
  • » 2002 Supply Chain Management
  • » 2000 Quality Management
  • » Became a “maker” in 1990
  • » 1989 Graduation from the technical college for communications engineering / HTL Braunau am Inn

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